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We as a runners can tell you all about that one day when everything went right in a race.

The minute details of our PR race or that workout when we were floating effortlessly can be explained thoroughly but to be blunt, most of us have not dug into research that can help us maintain our health for the long-term.

We use 12 to 20 times more oxygen expenditure then the average sedentary individual. The amount of free radicals that are built up as well as inflammation from a long run is staggering.

In late 2013 I got involved with Max International.

Health prevention with products specifically aimed to combat inflammation, free radical build up and increase glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant), has been the company’s mission since 2007.

Glutathione is not new.

It was discovered in 1888 by, well over a hundred years ago, by J. de-Rey-Pailhaide, while viewing it under a microscope while studying the human eyeball.

It was discovered that a heathy human eyeball is very high in glutathione. In 2014, there are are over 102,000 published peer reviewed medical studies written about it.

Max has been heavily involved in alternatives to combating multiple diseases like Alzheimers and Cancer among many others by sharing with the world its assistance in fighting these diseases, inflammation and eradicating toxins from the body.

There was a study that showed 41 centenarians (people between the ages of 100-105 years old) when compared with people between the ages of 60-79 years old were found to have significantly higher concentrations of glutathione then in the younger group.

What does this mean?

The study concluded that glutathione is also linked to survival rates. Without glutathione every cell in our body would eventually disintegrate from massive free radical damage.

Life would cease to exist and our cells themselves would be defenseless against the countless numbers of viruses and bacteria.

I feel educating ourselves and others on their products as runners is absolutely critical for our long-term success as athletes and even more important for those suffering from diseases.

I am saddened that after all these years and as much research articles and books I have read I missed knowing anything about glutathione and riboceine.

23 years in the sport and never heard about the most potent and powerful antioxidant produced by each and every cell of the body, trillions of them.

Better late then never!

Why Antioxidants Are So Vitally Important

The increased amounts of free radicals produced from oxidative stress in athletes as well as non-athletes causes the body’s antioxidant defenses to be overwhelmed.

The reason glutathione is so important is it is comprised of a sticky, sulfur molecule which acts sort of like fly paper for free radicals and other toxins within the body.

Dr. Don Cobert in his book Toxic Relief, states

When glutathione levels are low or become depleted, we can’t effectively get rid of the toxins, and we can’t effectively quench free-radical reactions. Thus we get a build up of toxins and more damage to cells and tissues from free radicals, eventually resulting in disease.

Columbia School of Health has stated that over 95% of all cancers are due to excessive toxins and poor diet. The majority of the foods we eat are full of preservatives.

The beverages we sometimes consume such as Pepsi or Coke have been used in India has pesticides on crops.

That is an alarming statistic.

Antioxidants provide your cells a protection against free radicals and the oxidative stress heavy exercise puts on the body.

Want to run longer faster?

Start putting more emphasis on antioxidant supplements.

I took action in becoming a Max Associate for three main reasons.

My number one reason was having learned about glutathione and that it helps combat diseases my family has dealt with and have relied on mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical drugs which often times do not treat, but make patients even sicker.

This was at the heart of my reasoning in partnering with Max as have other world class athletes like Chuck Norris, NBA All-Star and Olympian, Chris Mullins and Evander Holyfield, among others.

The second was my own research on glutathione.

I first signed up as a Preferred Customer where you can buy max products at retail prices.

I then dug into PubMed which is comprised of over 23 million medical citations and research articles and became an Associate.

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