The Parameter For Hypothyroidism In Pregnancy

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The term Hypothyroidism is a condition where the Thyroid Gland secretes lesser amount of thyroid hormones than what is indeed required. Ultimately making your system struggle a lot with the insufficient amount of hormone thereby hindering the functioning of the system. As said good amount of knowledge is better, henceforth let us learn more about how this gland works in certain special cases like pregnancy.
Yes it is true that Pregnancy is a condition in which every action and function of your body must be done in a proper way. Therefore even the Thyroid Gland must work accordingly, without out bursting it’s under or over reactive nature.
What Causes Hypothyroidism?
Hashimoto’s disease the major cause of Hypothyroidism, is nothing but an auto immune disorder, which ultimately leads to a chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland.
This is a disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid, by causing an inflammation in the thyroid gland and also interfering with its ability to produce thyroid hormones.
How Does Hypothyroidism Affect Pregnancy?
When an expecting mother is suffering from Hypothyroidism, there are many aspects which she might face. All these conditions which a mother may suffer might make her baby succumbed to some adverse effects, owing to the uncontrolled hyperthyroidism during pregnancy.
Let us have a look at some of the conditions of Hypothyroidism in pregnancy:
The Microcytic Anemia
Under the condition Microcytic anemia it is the size of the red blood cells, which are smaller than what is considered normal.
The Preeclampsia
A condition where the blood pressure upsurges to an alarming level leading to various different kinds of complication.
The Placental Abruption
Where the placenta lining has indeed separated from the uterus of the mother, a very serious pregnancy complication arises.
The Postpartum Hemorrhage
This is a condition which becomes very serious for the mother leading to an uncontrolled bleeding post delivery
The Cardiac Dysfunction
The Cardiac Dysfunction is a condition in which the mother might go through a sudden failure of the heart muscles thereby leading to life threatening condition for both the mother and the baby.
This is a situation of premature death of the fetus while still in the womb of the mother.
The Underactive Thyroid doesn’t spare the fetus as well. It causes some severe conditions for the baby leading to the following aspects:
The Premature Birth
When a birth before the due date occurs it can lead to serious health conditions or even at times premature death.
The Low Birth Weight
Babies who are born with low birth weight suffer from a host of health complications along with lifelong implications of it.
Congenital Anomalies
As said the thyroid hormone is crucial for baby’s brain development of the nervous system any kind of dysfunction can indeed lead to various congenital anomalies.
Still Birth
This is a condition where owing to underactive presence of Thyroid death of the baby happens inside the womb.
The Diagnosis
Hypothyroidism, or more commonly known as underactive thyroid is diagnosed with some careful review of symptoms and even the measurement of TSH and T4 levels.

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