Tips To Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

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 There are some key things we all can do to protect our eyes during the summer months, especially with July being National UV Safety Month.

Studies have shown that, in addition to skin cancers, accumulated ultraviolet exposure from the sun can heighten the risk of eye diseases such eye cancer and cataracts, a leading cause of blindness worldwide. Intense UV exposure can also cause temporary blindness known as photokeratitis, while extended sun exposure is linked to growths such as pterygium or surfer’s eye.

To assess how much Americans know about eye health risks posed by UV rays and what people do to protect themselves, the American Academy of Ophthalmology – the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons – commissioned a national Harris Poll of more than 2,000 adults.

The results revealed two major gaps in UV safety knowledge:

1. One-third of adults use medications that may increase photosensitivity, or increased susceptibility to damage from UV rays. However, 49 percent are unaware or do not believe those medications can cause photosensitivity. These photosensitizing drugs include antibiotics containing tetracycline or floroquinolones (like Cipro), some birth controland estrogen pills and certain anti-inflammatory pain

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Choose the best caregiver for your children

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assFamily is important. Family beloved partner to be the desire of every person. Moreover, with the birth of children make the family more complete. A child brings happiness in the family. Seeing the children can grow up with good and healthy make the parents are happy. Children are the most important part in a family. Families without the presence of a child feel empty and lonely. Therefore every couples always expecting the birth of his child. Keep children can grow up healthy and happy, without any deficiency to be a priority of parents. The Parents work hard day to night, to meet all the needs of their children. Every parent does not want to see their child distress and sorrow. Therefore, parents are always diligent work for make their children happier. Nowadays many parents are too busy working so time with the children is reduced. The Work commitments make parents spent the time to focus on work. Then, if you include parents as above, who can care for and maintain your child when you are busy working? If you are confused to


Healthy Eating Plan

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When it comes to weight loss most people believe that the most important thing is to keep on exercising hard and the pounds will fall off by themselves. Most people think that exercising is enough to maintain a healthy life, and so they don’t ever bother with doing anything else – which is quite unfortunate considering one of the most important factors when it comes to health is having a good and healthy eating plan.

A healthy eating plan involves eating a wide range of food in the right amount. Eating a healthy diet ensures that your body functions properly and that you become healthy. Your body stays in a state whereby it is ready to fight diseases. The wide range of food someone should take involves a variety of fruits and vegetables like Bananas, mangoes, apples, cabbages and spinach. Bread, rice, pasta and potatoes are starchy and contribute greatly to someone’s health. White meat like that found in fish should be consumed in minimal amounts. Beans and other quality protein sources are essential for the body. High fat foods and sugars should be avoided.

Ensuring that you receive all


Insomnia Nicotine And Sleepless Nights

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Feeling tired? If you said yes, you’re not alone, we could all use just a little more energy from time to time. A hot cup of coffee is the typical go to drink to kick start our day and then perhaps a Red Bull later in the day to keep us going. It’s no wonder that energy drinks have blossomed into a 20 billion dollar a year industry over the last decade. Unfortunately for many of us, “just a little short of energy” doesn’t sum up how we feel a good portion of the time.

Simply feeling tired is not reason for panic nor is it necessarily the result of a medical condition, but for many of us, it goes much deeper than that. Millions of Americans go through their daily routine feeling drained just as they did the days and weeks before. For some, these periods can escalate to months and even years due to their inability to get a good night’s sleep. This inability to get the adequate sleep we need is a condition known as Insomnia. Insomnia is described as the difficulty of falling asleep, staying asleep or both, despite the opportunity to do so. This

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How To Stop Panic Attacks While Sleeping

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  How To Stop Panic Attacks While SleepingAnxiety is one of the surefire ways to increase stress levels. Hearing about someone having a panic attack today is not really such an unusual occurrence. The problem with this is that it can strike at any moment and can throw your life off balance. To get a break from this monotony people usually try to sleep it away, but there are those who experience this fear psychosis even while sleeping. The problem is that when an attack takes place during sleep it can be extremely difficult to control because there is no warning and can take one by surprise. The person invariably ends up disoriented, confused and even more panic stricken than before, not to mention losing out on sleep resulting in insomnia.

There are no easy ways out of a problem, but there are methods that can help a person get on with life through some workable remedies. The first step is to talk this over with a reliable and professional counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist who can get to the root cause of what lies beneath the