Orthodontics Treatment Plans and What Cases They are Used For

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Teeth are very important when it comes to humans. They not only serve a function, but they also affect a person’s facial features. A smile is one of the most noticed features on a person, and teeth have a lot to do with that. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with straight and beautiful teeth. Many people suffer from overbites, underbites, crooked teeth and crowded teeth. Fortunately, there are treatment plans to help correct such issues. Dr. Garland Davis, DDS is an orthodontist in the field and has helped many patients correct their dental issues through the use of braces, retainers and other customized treatment plans.

The Use Of Braces

The use of braces is the most common treatment plan to correct crooked teeth, crowding and certain cases of bites. Braces move the position of teeth or they can hold them in place. Fixed braces are worn all the time, usually for a duration of two years, and can only be removed by the dentist. Braces are thin metal wires that adhere to the teeth. A consultation with an orthodontist will help determine which treatment plan is best to correct the dental issue. For example, some issues can be fixed with the use of a retainer.

Retainers Over Braces

Retainers are shaped like mouth guards and are small custom fit devices made out of plastic and metal. Retainers are mostly used after braces come off. This is usually done for a short period of time to further hold the teeth in place. They can also be used to close minor gaps between teeth or to move a tooth into its proper position. Retainers can also improve speech, assist with TMJ and prevent teeth grinding at night. Retainers are often worn for several years to correct the issue. However, they are mostly worn at night, when the person is sleeping.

Orthodontist visits are rather important, and should occur by the time a person turns seven. This will ensure that problems can be corrected before they turn into bigger issues that will cost more money and time to correct. Make an appointment today to get a free consultation.

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