How To Stop Panic Attacks While Sleeping

Posted on February 22, 2017 By

  How To Stop Panic Attacks While SleepingAnxiety is one of the surefire ways to increase stress levels. Hearing about someone having a panic attack today is not really such an unusual occurrence. The problem with this is that it can strike at any moment and can throw your life off balance. To get a break from this monotony people usually try to sleep it away, but there are those who experience this fear psychosis even while sleeping. The problem is that when an attack takes place during sleep it can be extremely difficult to control because there is no warning and can take one by surprise. The person invariably ends up disoriented, confused and even more panic stricken than before, not to mention losing out on sleep resulting in insomnia.

There are no easy ways out of a problem, but there are methods that can help a person get on with life through some workable remedies. The first step is to talk this over with a reliable and professional counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist who can get to the root cause of what lies beneath the surface. The focus is to combat the issue with life tools to enable the patient to deal with the problem so that it does not go on for life. Here are some practical suggestions:

-Diet and fitness go hand-in-hand as excessive weight gain can play havoc not only on the body but on the brain as well. When they are not in harmony, the reactive force is lack of sleep and extreme stress. With the right approach in food habits and considerable exercise, it will be extremely beneficial.

-Gastoesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when the patient reacts negatively to antacids resulting in difficulty sleeping and panic attacks. To counteract this problem, it is advisable to take a walk before bedtime and not eat heavy food before going to bed.

-Keep a diary. If you live with someone, it is quite easy to make a note of the times when you wake up in a sweat (not literally of course). This reminder will enable you to figure out the trigger.

-Participate in fun exercises prior to hitting the sack. The best piece of advice is to go out with friends and go to sleep happy.

-Read something light or watch some comedy on television. The idea is to distract you from negative thoughts so that they do not interfere with sleep.

-Relaxation techniques like praying before bedtime or meditating on scripture works famously. Going over psalms or proverbs that are positive can make you feel happy without worrying about what tomorrow has to offer.

-Popping pills may appear like a brilliant idea to do away with panic ridden sleep apnea, but unless advised by a doctor, it is best to refrain from this habit completely.

At times, a change in atmosphere with breathing techniques that aid normal functioning will definitely be a better way to get out of this most uncomfortable feeling. The point to remember is that nothing is impossible and with the right method, you can be up and about.