Durable Medical Equipment Used At Home

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Durable medical equipment commonly referred to as DME is a broad, encompassing term generally used to describe a list of medical supplies, used to serve different medical purposes. Superior quality and durability of the equipment help them to withstand repeated use. Let me introduce you to a line of durable medical equipment that is appropriate to use in the home. They typically help patients to perform a number of daily activities like bathing or mobility in the home independently. They are of great help for patients who are recovering from injuries or any other diseases or conditions. If you also have aged people at home, it is good to keep a collection of durable medical equipment at your house.
Ambulatory Aids

These are specific devices that are primarily used to help patients in functional independent ambulation (walking). The basic items included in this category ranges from cane to four-wheeled walker. The heights of these aids are adjustable; hence patients can change the sizes according to their individual requirement. The best thing about the ambulatory aid is that most of the devices are made from lightweight materials. The lightweight makes them easy to use and also reduces the fatigue of the user. The basic aids included in this category are four pointed and single ended adjustable aluminum canes, adjustable aluminum underarm, forearm crutches, standard two wheel folding walkers and four wheel walkers equipped with hand brakes.

Home Hospital Beds

Sometimes doctors recommend home hospital beds to specific patients even after they are released from hospital. It is generally prescribed for proper positioning of the patient during bed rest and sleep. The three common types of home hospital beds are: fully electric, semi electric and manual. However the basic function of all types of home hospital beds is to raise and lower the head and foot section of the patient. However, in case of a full electric hospital bed, the bed frame is adjusted with an electric motor. On other hand the height of the semi electric bed is adjusted with a hand crank. A manual bed also comes equipped with a hand adjustment.
Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are very comfortable. They are available in a range of styles and fabrics. Though the aid is called lift chair but it is not only used for lifting patients. It is also used to safely lower patients into the seated positions.

Patient Lift

This is one of the most effective durable medical aids used at home. It is very useful for patients who face difficulty to get transfer from one mode to the other, like from bed to commode or wheelchair to bed. It makes the job of the caregivers easy who otherwise have trouble in shifting the positions of patients. Two basic types of patient lifts are found: manual hydraulic and electric. The manual hydraulic patient lift comes equipped with a manual pump that raises the boom. It uses a release valve to lower the boom. The electric lift comes with an actuator which raises and lowers the boom. The actuator is controlled with an electrical switch.

Bath Safety Aids

Patients often face difficulties while using the bathroom facilities. Bath safety equipment can help patients to use the washroom facilities independently and safely. Some of the durable bath safety supplies for home are bath benches, tub transfer benches, tub and wall mounted grab bars, elevated toilet seats, handheld showers and many more.
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